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Attorney Robert Gray has the right experience to represent you effectively and the heart to personally walk you through a very challenging time ... We only get paid if we are successful with your case ... You can get Worker's Compensation and Social Security Disability benefits at the same time ... Contact the Gray Law Firm for a free consultation ... We work on a contingent fee basis - no fee unless you win.

About Gray Law Firm – Serving Central Wisconsin

Our Philosophy

Many challenges – financial, physical and mental – can accompany a physical injury or disability. Our experienced team and patient, friendly approach helps to minimize the impact of the worries and stresses that your situation brings.
Attorney Robert Gray's philosophy is that the success of our case starts with forming an attorney/client relationship that's centered on genuine concern, mutual trust, respect, and high ethical standards. Add to that the Firm's aggressive litigation approach, and that's when our clients receive the settlements you deserve to protect your future and your family.

Our Experience

Our 25 years of experience has given us the knowledge and tools to successfully streamline and navigate the legal process ensuring that your situation is handled efficiently with precision and professionalism.

The Gray Law Firm pays special attention to the specifics of your situation to ensure that all of the facts get presented, allowing your claim to be represented effectively. We have helped hundreds of clients throughout the state of Wisconsin win settlements and jury awards, allowing them to deal with their injury or disability in a fair and dignified manner.

In addition, our years of practice have helped build relationships with health care and vocational experts which provide valuable insight. This helps us to better understand and represent our clients.

We believe that it's every lawyer's responsibility to help clients manage all challenges that come with their case. That's why, here at the Gray Law Firm, we take your Gray issues…and make them Black and White.